I know it’s useless to complain about anything anyone says on the internet, but this comment over at teefury today gave me pause. I didn’t want to sign up for an account just to rant at the person, so tumblr gets all my ire.

First, there’s that awesome implication that Star Wars and Doctor Who and Firefly (“browncoats”?) are all stuff only old people like.

I know quite a few teenagers who would beg to differ.

Now Doctor Who and Star Wars definitely have a few decades under their belts, but Firefly? Really? It’s from 2002, dude. That’s 5 years after the first Harry Potter book came out, and one year after the movie version came out.

I understand if you are tired of certain fandom being represented (there are a TON of Who shirts, tbh) and want something else, but this comment could’ve just stopped at the first sentence - even the second one! - if that’s the purpose of it.

Sheesh. The “younnger buyers” these days.