» Deadwood is such a good show.

I just finished the second season, anxiously awaiting and simultaneously dreading the third and final season.

I watched the first episode a few weeks back, and was rather alarmed by the brutality and profanity (I’m pretty prudish). And here I thought Game of Thrones was pushing the line.

So I wasn’t going to watch any more after the pilot. But then I kept reading about it’s universal praise and reviews, and I figured I’d try more since I rarely like the pilot episode of any show, anyways.

I am so glad I did.

Probably one the the best, most intricate, most human things I’ve ever seen. I could just be saying that in the heat of the obsession, but it’s amazing.

The cast is perfect. There is not a weak link, which is no small feat when there are like, 20 main characters and at least 20 supporting characters. It rivals Game of Thrones in that aspect, but I actually care about each and every one of the folks in Deadwood.

I love Ian McShane and Brad Dourif. Neither of them disappoints.

The ladies of the show are amazing. Again, like GoT, women in a time when the world viewed them as objects and property, and how they find different ways to stand up for themselves.

JIM BEAVER! I guess this is what made him ‘famous’, but after seeing him in Supernatural for so long, it was awesome to see him here. So fantastic.

AND I’ve also been listening to all the commentary. I never do that. There’s some interesting/funny stuff in there. I liked the creator’s explaination for the copeous profanity, which at first I thought was dumb, but he explained he wanted to get across the brutality of the time, and the idea that their language was their expression of them living outside the law. We wouldn’t get that same effect with “goldarn” and “dagnabit” and such.

Wikipedia had this fun fact: “The word “fuck" was said 43 times in the first hour of the show.[9] It has been reported that the series had a total count of 2,980 “fucks” and an average of 1.56 utterances of “fuck” per minute of footage.”

And yet the language is so beautiful and lyrical and pretty, even. It’s amazing.