And in that moment she realizes her power as a woman, without the armor, without having a sword, without killing people, without exerting strength or without exerting the more masculine elements of her personality which she’s focused on and that she’s pushed, and in that moment she embraces her womanhood and femininity.

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Oh right. That’s why I adore Winter is Coming but don’t read all the comments. Most people seem happy with the casting but with some who aren’t it’s ‘eyebrowgate’ and ‘nosegate’ all over again.

I know it’s human nature to make judgements, but I really wish fans would say something more like “Well, the actor isn’t how I pictured the character, but I trust the fantastic casting team and George R.R. Martin. I’ll wait until I see the actor play the character on screen before deciding.”

^ THIS ^

Yessssssss. I don’t know if it’s because she’s new, but reading all these posts that are like “UGH THE ACTRESS IS TOO PRETTY TO PLAY BRIENNE SHE’LL NEVER BE HER EVER” are ridiculous.

It’s called an ADAPTATION for a reason.

Look at the first season. The Stark sons (and Jon) look absolutely nothing like I imagined them. Sansa is the ONLY ginger kid amongst them. And Jon Snow with a soft face and full lips and curly ringlets of hair? I’m sorry, but that wasn’t what I was expecting. But I don’t see anyone complaining they aren’t buying Kit as Jon. That’s because we’ve seen him in the story. And it works.

And people are supposed to mistake Arya for a boy, but Brienne is only mistaken for a man when she is in full armor with her helm on. As soon as she takes it off, everyone realizes she’s a woman.

Oh, one last thing, let’s not forget Tyrion: gruesome, grotesque, twisted little thing —> play by the most handsome and charming man they could find. And it’s one of the best performances in the series.

So yes, I wish people would trust the casting team, because they’ve been glorious.

» Brienne is cast! BRIENNE IS CAST!


I have logged onto for so long for something SOMETHING. Not that Margaery isn’t cool. But I love Brienne. And I saw some ranting about the actress not being ugly enough but really. Whatever.

This is so exciting. And the gal is 6’3ish, and I’m sure she’ll have a chance to get fairly buff within the next few months (if she hasn’t been already), and anyways, she’ll be wearing armor the whole time, right?

So yeah. Fantastic. I’M SO EXCITED.

(Now give me moooooooore)

Love this. So much.

Some of the women that from be the next season of Game of Thrones/Clash of Kings.

Ygritte, Asha Greyjoy, Meera Reed, Brienne of Tarth, Margaery Tyrell (cast!) and Melisandre