The transformation of Cinderella’s torn dress to that of the white ball gown was considered to be Walt Disney’s favorite piece of animation.

Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.


Art Center (Term 4) - Inventive Character

This is a project I did for my Inventive Character class, taught by Lou Police. The class is based on recreating characters from an already existing story.

This is my take on Cinderella! Instead of the ball, all poor Cindy wants to do is attend her school’s sock hop, and hopefully meet the heartthrob of her dreams. The story takes place in the 1950’s.

Spring 2013

Amazing Disney Lyrics : A Dream is a Wish your hearts Makes [more]
In a dream you lose your heartaches ..




my movie

Oh cool, I haven’t seen a side-by-side comparison of the new princess makeovers yet.

I’m still not sure how to feel….I absolutely love experimenting with re-designs, and I was tired of them using the same art over and over for the princess merch, but I am also a fan of classics, and I don’t see much to reflect these ladies’ personalities and ideals, or even something from their films, in any of these re-designs.  


All the official Disney Princesses.

  1. The Ordinary World
  2. The Call to Adventure
  3. The Ordeal
  4. The Return

Ugh. Perfection.

(Esmeralda! Giselle! Now we just need Meg!)