You know Belle looked.  A guy walks around his estate in tight leather pants, you can’t help but look.



I feel like I’m one of about three people young enough to both be on Tumblr and watch Once Upon a Time to remember HIM:

From THIS:

He’ll always be Hamish Macbeth to me.

I keep expecting to see a little white dog running after Mr Gold. Poor little Jock would probably be too scared of Rumpelstiltskin, though.

AHHHH HAMISH! Hamish will always be my favorite of his roles, not matter how wonderfully he plays the creepers and psychos.

I’m glad to see there’s a small pool of folks here who realize what a big deal it is when Robert Carlyle is in something. The man is endlessly and effortlessly entertaining. 

So apparently I don’t remember The Full Monty at all. Otherwise I would have been watching it everyday and showing it to everyone I know.

It’s such an adorable hilarious awesome movie.

Honestly. It’s so much more than just a summary might show, i.e. unemployed British steel workers decide to do a strip show.

Mark Addy is in it. He’s only been on my radar since Game of Thrones, so I didn’t notice him the last time. But he’s so freakin adorable. The exact opposite of Robert Baratheon. Which is props to him. He reminds me of Nick Frost, but way more cute and loveable and insecure.

Robert Carlyle was so wonderful. And so adorable.

Tom Wilkinson! That dude is amazing. I always think of him as…dignified, and somehow he manages to pull it off doing completely ridiculous stuff.

I don’t think crying during a strip tease is appropriate, but I definitely tear up at the end. It just goes to show that sexiness definitely = confidence.

(now let me just ruin that with this SHAMELESS picture)

Don’t mind me. Once Upon a Time has put Robert Carlyle in my brain. Have a comparison of his characters from OUAT and 28 Weeks Later. If I ever watch 28 Weeks again, I will forever imagine him chasing people with an outrageous Scottish accent.

I think I will go watch The Full Monty now, since he is so little and adorable in it.