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1/5 pre/sequels: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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[fabulously teleports away]

I lack sufficient data to be sure of my conclusion, but I believe this feeling correlates closest to what your people call…happiness. Our partnership is at an end, and even as we speak, I feel my consciousness fading away. Before I enter the sleep that calls me to the sword, I wish to relay to you words that I recorded many times over the course of our journey. Many have said them to you thus far, but I now wish to say them for myself…


"How could they not?! One of Skyloft and Grooseland’s greatest fighters, there is no way I’m not included. I’ve sharpened my pompadour and worked extra hard on these pipes so that I’m in top form to take on them baddies… plus I worked extra hard on my costume!!" 


zelink: through the ages


i had a dream about these two last night! (ʃƪ˘ﻬ˘)

Fire Sanctuary