Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?


The Original Meeting for The Prince and Snow White, from the original 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comic strip, released weekly, beginning December 14, a week before the film’s premiere.



Snow White from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs is strong. She is feminists favorite punching bag, right after Aurora but at least every once in awhile someone will come to Aurora’s defense. Snow (and Cinderella frankly) are seen as what is wrong with the Disney princesses. Snow likes cute animals, cooking, cleaning, and a useless dwarf. She befriends seven strange men who end up saving her in the end. Dude, the prince just comes and kisses her. She is stereotypically feminine. She doesn’t go fight for her country. She doesn’t prevent a war from breaking out. Girl is nice to every single person she meets, even the woman who tried to kill her. She felt bad that she scared the animals when they found her crying in the woods. She is kind hearted. She wants to help everyone she meets. Her looking out for others is what got her killed.

All of that being said does not make her weak. Sure, she is a bit naive but she lived a rather sheltered life. The queen had her locked away doing chores all day. When she found out the queen wanted her killed, instead of standing in the field looking at the huntsman, she fucking ran. She ran away to protect herself. She left an abusive home (she lived with the queen in her castle). When she met the dwarfs, she bargained with them so they wouldn’t kick her out. She ran that house. She put the dwarves and animals to work. She was very sweet but she was also the head bitch in charge. Even Grumpy didn’t try to backtalk her.

The fact she needed the dwarfs and animals to save her doesn’t make her weak. Saving yourself is more than just killing the enemy. It is about surviving, which Snow White did. She may not know how to throw a punch, shoot an arrow, or save her country, that doesn’t make her weak. Not every woman can defeat their demons/enemies on their own. Some of them need help from their friends, which the dwarfs and animals were to Snow, to defeat their enemy and that doesn’t make them weak.

Also, girls who prefer Snow White to Merida are not weak or “too girly.” There is no such thing as being “too girly.” Not all girls are going to relate to Merida and that is okay. Not all girls are going to like Snow White. Some girls like both characters. There is nothing wrong with girls liking the classic Disney princesses. There is nothing wrong with girls preferring the newer princesses. What is a problem is when people try to deem what princesses are “good” or “bad.”

Honestly, bravo. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on tumblr. I hate that people think Snow is weak because she doesn’t perform heroic acts and, like you said, is traditionally feminine.

She managed to escape from the Evil Queen, make the best out of the situation in the woods and befriended the dwarves, and eventually found her Prince and her happily ever after. There is nothing wrong with that.

Oh cool, I haven’t seen a side-by-side comparison of the new princess makeovers yet.

I’m still not sure how to feel….I absolutely love experimenting with re-designs, and I was tired of them using the same art over and over for the princess merch, but I am also a fan of classics, and I don’t see much to reflect these ladies’ personalities and ideals, or even something from their films, in any of these re-designs.  


All the official Disney Princesses.

  1. The Ordinary World
  2. The Call to Adventure
  3. The Ordeal
  4. The Return

Looking through Mirror, Mirror’s photo gallery is quite promising.

The Kristen Stewart Snow White film is definitely winning all the popularity polls, and I won’t lie, I’m excited to see Chris Hemsworth in ANYTHING, and I’d love to see Stewy as a strong female character for a change.

But my expectations for Mirror Mirror are pretty darn high, and I don’t think people know why it stands a chance of being as good as the Huntsman one. Of course, there’s the possibility they will both suck, but at least Huntsman is guaranteed to earn money either way.

So the biggest reason I’m excited about Mirror, Mirror is that it’s directed by Tarsem Singh. Who did a little film in 2006 called The Fall, and it rocked my world. It was the most gorgeous, breathtaking film I’d ever seen in terms of production design, locations, costumes, and Lee Pace. And I fully expect Mirror Mirror to deliver on all those account, minus Lee Pace (but they do have Sean Bean, so it’s a fair trade).

Aside from that, just look at some of these pictures. It gets my fairy tale loving heart all aflutter. And I think it’s kinda cool that it stands out from the current trend of darkly themed fairy tale/Snow White media. But that might just be me.

Also, Sean Bean.


I just saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror.

It looks great. Just like the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.

But since trailers cannot be trusted, I can only judge them based on cast and crew.

And I’m going to say I’m more excited for Mirror Mirror than Snow White and the Huntsman.

Because first of all, “Mirror” has Sean Bean and Nathan Lane.

"Huntsman" does have Chris Hemsworth…but Kristen Stewart almost (ALMOST) cancels him out. BUT then again…it does have a damn good cast of supporting old dudes, like Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, and Ray Winstone (and Nick Frost?!).

Alan Menken is doing the music for “Mirror”, but James Newton Howard is doing the music for “Huntsman”. So that’s a draw…two of my top five composers, and I could never choose one over the other.

But the biggest thing for me is that “Mirror” has Tarsem Singh.

That guy directed freakin’ THE FALL. Also The Cell and The Immortals, and say what you will about those two, but my point is he has vision and style.

What does this other director have?

Well…nothing. “Huntsman” is the only thing listed on his imdb page.

But you know, people gotta start somewhere, and he must have done something impressive to get to helm a blockbuster-y movie.

Obviously I will see them both, but I do hope this wave of fairytale-based films/TV continues until I can get a piece of it ;)