I just saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror.

It looks great. Just like the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.

But since trailers cannot be trusted, I can only judge them based on cast and crew.

And I’m going to say I’m more excited for Mirror Mirror than Snow White and the Huntsman.

Because first of all, “Mirror” has Sean Bean and Nathan Lane.

"Huntsman" does have Chris Hemsworth…but Kristen Stewart almost (ALMOST) cancels him out. BUT then again…it does have a damn good cast of supporting old dudes, like Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, and Ray Winstone (and Nick Frost?!).

Alan Menken is doing the music for “Mirror”, but James Newton Howard is doing the music for “Huntsman”. So that’s a draw…two of my top five composers, and I could never choose one over the other.

But the biggest thing for me is that “Mirror” has Tarsem Singh.

That guy directed freakin’ THE FALL. Also The Cell and The Immortals, and say what you will about those two, but my point is he has vision and style.

What does this other director have?

Well…nothing. “Huntsman” is the only thing listed on his imdb page.

But you know, people gotta start somewhere, and he must have done something impressive to get to helm a blockbuster-y movie.

Obviously I will see them both, but I do hope this wave of fairytale-based films/TV continues until I can get a piece of it ;)


First look at Snow White pics Snow White and the Huntsman, with Kristen Stewart playing the title role, and The Brothers Grimm: Snow White, in which Lily Collins takes the lead. Both films are expected to be released next year.

Given the level of talent involved, I’d place my bet on Tarsem’s Snow White starring Lily Collins being the better of the two films. However, given the fact that the KStew Snow White has been reported as being but the first of a trilogy, I may be proven wrong.

I’d rather this not be a competition, since any fairy tale-esque movie is a go for me, but I’d also agree that Tarsem’s will be better. It doesn’t help that even in the promo picture, Kristen is wearing the same exact expression she wore all through Twilight. And the promo pictures of this Snow White look terrible, even poor Chris Hemsworth. 

Still, I hope to remain pleasantly surprised. For now, all I see is the simple mathematics of talent involved: Kristen Stewart and unknown director versus Tarsem, Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, AND Sean Bean.