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A little cosplay/mashup action I thought might be fun in the spirit of the comic con season ;o) Wonder Korra and Super Asami…to the rescue! (Totally off model, I know!) 

You showed something beyond that. Creativity, versatility, intelligence - these are the traits that define a great swordsman, and these are the traits that define you.

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disabled princesses and disabled superheroes are so important where the fuck are they


I think we can agree that Toph is anything but disabled.

no, Toph is disabled, being disabled is not a bad thing why are people so adamant that she isn;t disabled what the fuck is this

I was saying she isn’t disabled because it really does not cause a hinderance.

and yet she is seen as weak by her family and many others for being blind and is restricted because of it, hence being disabled

like disabled people can go out and be awesome and kick ass god we don’t just suddenly stop being disabled when we do things

Toph is disabled and I am not letting you take away one of the few god damn fictional characters that represent disabled people in fiction let alone one of the few characters I can relate to as a disabled person.

I know a blind person who plays all kinds of sports and a person with asperger syndrome who both run in marathons. I have a wheelchair using friend who went overseas to represent our country in wheelchair basketball.

I have Cerebral Palsy and trust me when I tell you I achieved things doctors thought I wouldn’t.

These include things such as drawing. The fact of the matter is I struggle writing at a decent pace and I still managed to teach myself how to write in Japanese and have straight As in the subject in high school which included writing in it in exams.

Let’s talk about how Toph’s disability and how it’s shown in the show:

  • She can not see when she is on sand, the grains are too small for her to use her method of “seeing” (which is through tiny vibrations through the earth)
  • She can’t see when in water. Hence the kissing of Suki thinking it was Sokka.
  • She can’t read.
  • She can’t put a poster the right way up because she literally can’t see which is the right way up. 

You know it hinders her in some ways but not in others. Did you know that disabled people actually adjust to their conditions because they live with it all the time and learn to deal with it. Which is exactly what Toph did. She learned another way of seeing. She learned how to fight. She learned how to turn her weakness into a strength and there is no way in hell I’m letting you take that away for me.

Please get rid of your ablest notion that if a disabled person achieves or adjusts to their disability that they have somehow “overcome” their disability and are no longer disabled any more. That is so disgusting and wrong.

Hello, Zuko here.


this is like the funniest toph moment ever