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deadwood meme | three/nine quotes


“Pain or damage don’t end the world. Or despair. Or fuckin’ beatings. The world ends when you’re dead. Until then you’ve got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man and give some back.”

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I spoke of looking out for an axe and a saw, and if I got ‘em, they wouldn’t be applied to buildin’ nothin’.

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Dear Mrs. Bullock,

Your house is near finished. My satisfaction does not exceed the camp’s lumbermen and sawyers whose patience I have tried by my over watchful eye for greenness and for good square edge quality in the cut boards. I’ve chosen pine, one-year seasoned, for the sills, posts, floor joists and rafters. The other framing timbers is of spruce. Where partitions bear upon them, I have doubled the beams and supported the floor with locus posts set three feet into the ground. I think you may laugh to see the mullioned windows with their view of the camp from out the parlor. Being unfinished, they look like unfocused eyes. I’ve left these and all final decorative choices to your superior judgment and sensibility. I hope that you and the boy may arrive in good health and safety. I look forward to our opportunity to better get to know each other. I pray that in my brother’s stead, I may be permitted to be a father to the boy as good as Robert would have been, and as to your care and comfort and safety, as good a husband to you. 

Yours sincerely, Seth Bullock.

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- Some goddamned time, a man’s due to stop arguing with hisself, feeling he’s twice the goddamn fool he knows he is, because he can’t be something he tries to be every goddamn day without once getting to dinnertime and not fucking it up. I don’t wanna fight it no more. Understand me, Charlie? And I don’t want you pissing in my ear about it. Can you let me go to hell the way I want to?

Yeah. I can do that.

 DEADWOOD | Here Was a Man

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