I just got a notification on fb that my 10 year high school reunion is going to be in the fall this year. 

This is real.

Is this going to be like the movies?? Am I going to be the only one not married with a dozen offspring? I didn’t have an old flame/crush to reunite with. I wasn’t really bullied or anything. High school had no impact on me, and I had no impact on it. I literally didn’t keep in touch with a single person from high school. I looked at the list and vaguely recognized some names but 10 years is a long time. The one thing I can do is at least get in shape. oh man. This is really weird.   



If Mikasa was male, her traumatic past, distant personality, and her devotion to Eren would probably make her the most popular character in the fandom. And pairing her with Eren would be touted as nearly canon. But Mikasa isn’t male and instead she’s treated as Eren’s stalker and I don’t know, that really bothers me.  


I’m a huge fan of Frozen and the fact that it wasn’t all about a girl being saved by a boy, but it’s hardly the first Disney movie to do that… 

  • Brave - Young girl saves her mother.
  • Princess and the Frog - Girl saves boy
  • Tangled - Girl saves boy
  • Beauty and the Beast - Girl saves boy
  • Alice in Wonderland - Girl saves herself
  • Pocahontas - Girl saves boy (boy saves her dad)
  • Atlantis - Girl saves entire city with a protective shield
  • Mulan - Girl saves all of China

Emperor out


I’m laughing so hard at this post cuz its like “It’s just not right to call these two a ‘recolouring of one another’.

because before I scrolled down to see it. I honestly thought it was either an;

  • A. post about how pretty they were or
  • B. talking about how fucking similar they were. 

so its like rotfl, the point ur trying to make is that they aren’t a re-color cuz you didn’t really succeed imo. aside from the hair pictures I wasn’t 100 percent sure who the pictures were of (especially the mouth ones)

Yeah sure they act differently, and their hair is styled differently?? but on the whole their differences in character designs are extremely minor and laughable. Regardless of how much you like/dislike the movie. 

oh man if I hadn’t read your post first I would have thought the same thing! lmao

That it’s highlighting how completely identical they are, minus the hair, and hair is the one things that changes in same face syndrome. and the thing is, 3D modeling and rigging are hard, yeah, and as we learned, Disney has a history of reusing animation and models to save time, which is great, but no one can deny the similarities. 

I was looking at the comments on the Budweiser “Puppy Love” commercial and I should really know better than to look at YT comments by now, but one was: 

Yes, for some strange, unknown reason, people are fond of animals. This poor person didn’t even know that until the internet. And Budweiser must have internet access as well because somehow they uncovered this information and exploited it, those bastards.

People are fond of animals. Wow. 




fuck this

every single goddamn female character has her beauty commented on by random guys

every one of them is apparently BEAUTIFUL~!

off the top of my head I can think of Nami, Robin, Tashigi, Camie, Hancock, Shirahoshi, and now Rebecca. There are doubtless others.

what males do I remember being called handsome?

Duval and white horse guy

and those were jokes

seriously, think. How out of place would it look if there were salivating girls with hearts in their eyes constantly commenting on how attractive all the guys were? And all the guys were scantily clad. constantly. And looked pretty much exactly the fucking same. Imagine Zoro walking around in nothing but a loincloth while every female perved over him. Looks a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?

yes this is the bane of One Piece. Even though it’s written for a male audience, and this is how men act in real life, it still makes me wince. It’s not that there aren’t tough and awesome ladies in the series, because there are LOTS, but how many times has Nami been kidnapped and/or assaulted? Why has she worn nothing but a bikini top since the timeskip (give or take a couple of scenes or magical jackets, but she’s always back in the bikini as soon as possible)? And when was the last time the Straw Hat ladies got a proper fight, ESPECIALLY ROBIN, who arguably has one of the strongest and coolest powers in the whole series!? It’s really frustrating, and this arc especially provided a lot of fodder for the never-ending discussion of sexism in One Piece. 


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character tropes → Jo Harvelle

I have a friend that I really like, but she is super social, and I am obviously not, and while I like to hang out with her, usually whenever I say yes to one of her events it grows more and more uncomfortable for me and now it’s happening again. 

This time she invited me to a skate night with some of her other lady friends. So first of all, while I remember enjoying ice skating when I was young, I haven’t done it for 20 years and I don’t like the idea of being around huge crowds of people and falling down, but I was like well suck it up it might be fun. But then all her friends were like oh I’m going to bring my boyfriend, so now I’m going to be the only single person in the group. AND I just looked up the time we are supposed to go, and it’s called “teen skate” and if there’s one thing I hate more than being around crowds of people it’s being around crowds of teens. Arhhhh so once again something that is enjoyable for normal people has me in a big ball of nerves and anxiety and just wishing for it to be over before it’s even begun.