It is a long time, and the great thing is we actually became a family, and the fellowship that is represented in the film, became a real fellowship, I mean I’ve made some of my best friends of my life on this picture. I’m so blessed to be a part of this project” - Elijah Wood


Happy Birthday Sean Bean ! [April 17]

Looking through Mirror, Mirror’s photo gallery is quite promising.

The Kristen Stewart Snow White film is definitely winning all the popularity polls, and I won’t lie, I’m excited to see Chris Hemsworth in ANYTHING, and I’d love to see Stewy as a strong female character for a change.

But my expectations for Mirror Mirror are pretty darn high, and I don’t think people know why it stands a chance of being as good as the Huntsman one. Of course, there’s the possibility they will both suck, but at least Huntsman is guaranteed to earn money either way.

So the biggest reason I’m excited about Mirror, Mirror is that it’s directed by Tarsem Singh. Who did a little film in 2006 called The Fall, and it rocked my world. It was the most gorgeous, breathtaking film I’d ever seen in terms of production design, locations, costumes, and Lee Pace. And I fully expect Mirror Mirror to deliver on all those account, minus Lee Pace (but they do have Sean Bean, so it’s a fair trade).

Aside from that, just look at some of these pictures. It gets my fairy tale loving heart all aflutter. And I think it’s kinda cool that it stands out from the current trend of darkly themed fairy tale/Snow White media. But that might just be me.

Also, Sean Bean.

last time


I just saw the trailer for Mirror Mirror.

It looks great. Just like the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.

But since trailers cannot be trusted, I can only judge them based on cast and crew.

And I’m going to say I’m more excited for Mirror Mirror than Snow White and the Huntsman.

Because first of all, “Mirror” has Sean Bean and Nathan Lane.

"Huntsman" does have Chris Hemsworth…but Kristen Stewart almost (ALMOST) cancels him out. BUT then again…it does have a damn good cast of supporting old dudes, like Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, and Ray Winstone (and Nick Frost?!).

Alan Menken is doing the music for “Mirror”, but James Newton Howard is doing the music for “Huntsman”. So that’s a draw…two of my top five composers, and I could never choose one over the other.

But the biggest thing for me is that “Mirror” has Tarsem Singh.

That guy directed freakin’ THE FALL. Also The Cell and The Immortals, and say what you will about those two, but my point is he has vision and style.

What does this other director have?

Well…nothing. “Huntsman” is the only thing listed on his imdb page.

But you know, people gotta start somewhere, and he must have done something impressive to get to helm a blockbuster-y movie.

Obviously I will see them both, but I do hope this wave of fairytale-based films/TV continues until I can get a piece of it ;)

Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief.

Um, I don’t even remember. It has a lot of stars in it. Uma Thurman. Pierce Brosnan. Rosario Dawson.

OH AND SEAN BEAN. BEANS. BEANY. THE BEANSTER. even though he was in it for 10 minutes

It was one of those films where we sat there pointing out inconsistencies the whole way because there was nothing to pull us in (except Sean Bean, but then he leaves you).

Like this one part, where the daughter of Athena is like, hey, my mom is the goddess of wisdom so OBVIOUSLY I am the smartest.

Well guess what, bitch? Just because my parents are doctors don’t mean I can just start doctoring people. Not how things work.

And I don’t remember Persephone being such a slut in the myths.

Also…the beginning seemed nice because, oh look, they have someone with crutches and someone in a wheelchai—oh, wait. They have really cool powers like being half-horse and half-goat and can actually move around better than humans.

There was a council of Elrond Zeus at the end.

Oh, and there was a Balrog. But it was cool cause he was played by Steve Coogan, whom I love.

Speaking of, one nice thing was…um, the effects. Because VFS REPRESENT.

AND JAKE ABEL WAS IN IT. With a dumb character and blond hair but still. Adam, my love.

OH OH OH. One more Supernatural thing….Julian Richings was Charon! He wasn’t able to express all his awesomeness since he was also in it for only two minutes, but still, one of the more entertaining characters anyways.

And did I mention. SEAN BEAN.

All is forgiven. By me, as an unattached movie watcher, that is. I feel bad for fans of the books. Apparently, the film screwed them royally.


LOL at Cage’s face. 

The cast of the Lord of the Rings

Jaime’s little hat! XD