» Breaking Dawn trailer reaction…

Ok, so I know I’m only adding to the hype, but I watched it (and with malicious intent. You’ve been warned).

And yeah…..yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Um….hmm…….yeah. 

I guess on one level, I was excited for this, because then it means it will be over and we will never have to our theaters defiled by the sick, twisted, disgustingly codependent relationship that smeyers has inflicted on a world of smart, young girls who could’ve probably gone pretty far in life if they had only avoided Twilight.

But that was until I got to the end of the trailer and it was like Breaking Dawn…PART 1.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYY. What could you possibly need TWO BLOODY FILMS FOR?! From what I can tell by this first trailer, the entire film is about a bunch of people getting wedding invitations, Bella and Edward getting married, then having constant violent sex, and Bella getting angry because she is skinny. I suppose the second film will be the one with all the sexy pedophilia scenes?

I just don’t understand, with so many respectable and amazing fantasy series out right about now, why this is a big deal. Isn’t Harry Potter ending? I thought for sure that would make more of a splash than Twilight. And if twihards think being raped and killed (or undead-ed, whatever) is romantic, then I got just the show for them. It’s called Game of Thrones. Oh, except I should mention the rapists and murderers and monsters and pedophiles are the bad guys, not the hunky heroic leads. Sorry.

So some folks are saying they are going to watch this just to laugh aloud at it, but come November, you could not pay me enough to be in the theaters, when millions of teenage girls (and grown women, sadly) pretend to lose their virginity along with Bella.